Welcome to The Journey Church!

Our Story

How it all started...

In 2014, a gentleman by the name of Morris Horner, (originally from Tennessee), planted The Journey Church with the support of his home church in Houston, TX.  He first began meeting in his house with a small group, and over time they started meeting in a shopping center in the Montana Vista area.  Eventually they transitioned to the Joe Battle area.  After nine years of doing ministry in the Sun City, in July of 2023, Pastor Morris felt it was time to retire.
 Paul Romo had been a youth pastor for over 13 years.  His ministry first began at Del Sol Church in 2010, but then moved to Vidor, TX, in 2017.  Over the course of that time, God was already preparing Paul to continue the work Morris started.  
 After feeling a tug on his heart from God to plant a church, the Romos were obedient, and began praying about how and when this new phase in their ministry would begin.  Through God’s sovereignty and providence, Pastor Morris and Pastor Paul crossed paths!  It was very evident to them that God had answered both of their prayers.  
 For Morris, God brought the man who would continue the ministry he had begun.  For Paul, God brought the opportunity to pastor a church where he could minister to El Pasoans and further the gospel, as he felt called to do.  In August of 2023, Paul was ordained and commissioned by Faith Baptist Church. On September the 10th was his family’s first official service.  
 Since then, God has blessed The Journey Church.  It is comprised of longtime members and new members.  The church has steadily grown, and already lives have been impacted by the gospel – confirmation of what faith and obedience to God can do!  
 The Journey Church is looking forward to this new season, in a new location, to continue reaching El Pasoans with the life-transforming power of the gospel.

Expanding the vision...

From meeting new people  who have moved into our community or bring people with whom we work,  we believe that God's desire is that everyone be part of a community of believers to grow to love God, to love each other, and to invited others to join us in
this journey called life. 

Where we are headed...

As the years have passed, we are still about loving God.  We strive to see people learn to love God  by transformation from His Word and the love of His people.   As we grow in His love, the Bible tells us that we are to love other followers of Jesus Christ.
Because our lives have been transformed by God's Word and His love, we are compelled to take others along on this spiritual journey.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to sing, study God's Word and fellowship at 10:15 am